Lightweight Web Client

What is RevoltMini?

RevoltMini is a lightweight client for, which aims to be a fast, accessible client for low-end, mobile devices.

How do I use RevoltMini?

To navigate around the client, use the bar at the top. The first select input contains all of the servers you have joined. The second input contains the selected server's channels. Select one to go inside of a server/channel and you should be able to talk inside said channel.

What does RevoltMini support?

RevoltMini supports the following features:

  • Websockets
  • Sending messages
  • Attachments in messages
  • 2FA (through authenticator codes)
  • Email Login
  • Partial Markdown support
  • Temporary Login using Cookies
  • Masquerades
Will there be feature parity with Revite/frontend?

No. I do not plan 1:1 feature parity with Revite.
Only the bare minimum amount of features will be implemented inside of RevoltMini to keep it lightweight and easy to run.

Some notable features include:

  • Roles and Permissions
  • Settings
  • Multiple Sessions
  • Topics (Channel descriptions)

Welcome to RevoltMini!

Use the dropdowns to navigate across servers

Push notifications are available for mobile/desktop devices, but it needs your permission to enable them. Click the button below to allow RevoltMini to send notifications

To log out, use the button below