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Ummmm, hi!

I am Amy. I am a 16-year-old transfem. I live in the Dominican Republic.

I love cats, foxes and red pandas!

My hobby is programming small applications and websites, for example, this website!

What do I use


Below is a list of projects I've made, organized for your convenience.

  • GoNotifyMe (Discontinued)

    Get a notification whenever a product is almost out of stock

  • Revite Plugins

    Plugins tailored for's Revite client.

  • amyprettylinks-webextension

    Copy APL formatted links right from your browser!

  • mastodon-revolt-status

    Check's status right from the fediverse!

    Follow/View toots
  • Revolt Desktop Snap Package

    Revolt desktop client tightly packaged as a snap for convenience

  • RevoltMini

    Lightweight revolt client made with WebComponents and DOM APIs



I've contributed to the following projects:


    3 UI/UX contributions, snap package mantainer.

Website inspirations

This website is heavily inspired by Motherfucking Website because I like minimal websites that get straight to the point without much things going on.

Plus, it's easier to develop, as I don't have to make sure that every element on the page is "responsive"